UMD Treblemakers

Maryland's oldest all-female a cappella group!

Meet the Ladies!

Rachael Clinton 






Abby DiVito 

Music Director



Clare Gillooly 

Music Director


Erica Bonelli  

On-Campus Business Manager


Mackenzie Happe 

Off-Campus Business Manager


Sarah Ballow



Juliette Rose 



Jess MacGregor 

Alumni Liaison 


Sara Cavanaugh 




Emily Stratmeyer 

Social Chair  


Farah Vejzagic 



Mia Carmel











Rachel Colonomos











Gabriella Ellrich










Tori Hawkins












Danielle Stein








Year: Junior                         Semesters in Trebs: 5

Major: Psychology 

Rachael is in love with being a Treb! Only a few weeks after move in, she eagerly auditioned and was SO excited to join the lovely and talented Treblemakers. When she joined that fateful day in September, never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would one day be the Trebs’ fearless leader.  But, she is, and it is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to her!  She’s been in the group for five semesters and it has been an amazing experience for her.  When Rachael isn't raving about Trebs to all of her friends, she's probably reading Harry Potter and waiting for her Hogwarts letter to arrive, playing her guitar, eating waffles, shopping, running, watching Cosmos because she is enamored by the vastness of Earth, or sleeping with her favorite snow owl pillow pet (Hedwig anyone???). She hopes to one day get her doctorate in neonatal nurse practitioning so she can save tiny humans!!



Year: Junior                         Semesters in Trebs: 5

Major: Ecology and Evolution

Abby is so excited for another semester in Trebs! Aside from singing, Abby's hobbies include reading, swimming, and watching reality television. Her favorites are Dance Moms (go ALDC!), Honey Booboo, and wedding shows. You can usually find her eating pizza in the North Campus diner until 8pm, when you can then find her there eating mozzarella sticks. Abby is also one of two Trebs from Cherry Hill, NJ, where they eat hoagies instead of subs, water ice instead of Italian ice, and jimmies instead of sprinkles... But what she misses most from home are her family, friends, and cats. Abby loves being a Terp, and especially a Treblemaker!  





Year: Junior                         Semesters in Trebs: 5

Major: Psychology

Clare is so excited to be part of the Trebs Twerk Team! To avoid name confusion, this Clare is known as Gilly (shout out to her lady love, Kristin Wiig). Joining her girl crushes every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday for rehearsal is the best part of her week! Known to her followers as Clarey Potter, Clare spends a lot of her time outside of Trebs reading about her one true love, Harry Potter. When she's not dreaming of Hogwarts, she spends her time crying over how perfect Beyoncé is, watching Netflix instead of sleeping, annoying her floor mates by singing, and trying not to go to late night at the diner. She loves kids and hopes to one day become a therapist for children with special needs. 





Year: Junior                         Semesters in Trebs: 3

Major: Journalism and Marketing

Starting sophomore year, Erica knew she had to find her place, and no where else was a more perfect fit than the UMD Treblemakers! Singing, being crazy, and laughing with the lovely ladies of Trebs has been an amazing start to her year. When she's not loving life in Trebs, you can find Erica going for a run, shopping, exploring the D.C. food scene, or drinking coffee in her bed. She hails from Guilford, a small town on the Connecticut shoreline where she loves going to the beach, hiking, biking, kayaking, and eating seafood all of which she does religiously during the summer. She also thinks there is nothing better than homegrown food and loves to cook! 





Year: Junior                         Semesters in Trebs: 4

Major: Journalism

Mackenzie, a Pittsburgh native (reppin' 412 PA don't play), is ecstatic to call the Trebs her crew. After countless hours of stalking their videos on YouTube, she knew that the Trebs were the group for her. One thing that you might not know about Mackenzie is that her last name is pronounced 'happy', but she is not happy all the time because she's usually crying while looking at pictures of Harry Styles. However, when she is happy you can catch her playing the Sims, listening to the Weeknd's remix of "Drunk in Love" on repeat, sending out tweets that don't make any sense, or playing a serious game of minesweeper. Mackenzie wants to thank everyone in her life for getting here here, especially her fam(ily), her Twitter followers (she does it for the fans), and her grandma for being the only relative that could have given her these golden pipes.



Year: Sophomore                  Semesters in Trebs: 3

Major: Business Management and Marketing

Although Sarah is serious about her studies, her favorite thing about school is singing with the best people she knows. She's usually in a hurry, but on a good day, you can catch her somewhere between a stroll and a speed-walk, in a state of intraversion, appreciating the beauty of nature, learning, life, and the wonderful people she has met through a cappella. However, if you really want to get to know her, ask her to tell you the fateful story of Tom: A Canasian Lost at Sea.







Year: Senior                         Semesters in Trebs: 7

Major: Bioengineering

After only a week at college, Juliette (aka Julz) was lucky enough to find her true love, her Romeo, the UMD Treblemakers. Though she's told she got into the group because of her audition, Juliette is convinced that she was only accepted in order to supply a constant stream of jolly ranchers, sarcasm, and A+ eye rolls. When not being ratchet with the Trebs, you can usually find Juliette being ratchet by herself. She'd like to give a big ole shout out to her husband, Justin Timberlake, and wants to let him know he can return her calls/texts/emails/tweets at any time convenient for him. 






Year: Sophomore                  Semesters in Trebs: 3

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Jess is super hype for another year as Trebs' resident weirdo and srat star!  She absolutely adores singing and couldn’t think of any place she’d rather be making music than with this hilarious, spunky and super talented crew. Jess is from a quirky little town in central New Jersey (yes it exists) where there are more antique shops per capita than people.  When she’s not singing (yes, that does occasionally happen) you can find Jess outside in nature, drinking an absurd amount of Chai tea, or dreaming about traveling the world.  She is an environmental science and policy major and an avid sheep lover.  Jess can’t wait to see what new adventures are in store for her this year in Trebs and at UMD! 




Year: Senior                         Semesters in Trebs: 6

Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Ever since the Trebs welcomed her into the group (in her freshman dorm, no less, where she happened to be wearing pajamas and her retainer), Sara has had an absolute blast. If you find her on campus, she most likely will be shamelessly plugging for Trebs concerts or chasing down passersby to purchase brownies from a Trebs bake sale. Sara's most beloved hobbies include running, spontaneous dancing, perusing iTunes for new music, reading books with the word "beach" in them, going to the beach, goofing off with her family and friends, shopping, eating dessert, embarrassing herself and others, and, of course, singing bass notes. If she can't grow up to work for J. Crew, she'll settle for being a rapper.




Year: Senior                         Semesters in Trebs: 6

Major: Economics and Government and Politics

Emily is a junior from Baltimore, Maryland. At UMD, she studies Economics and Government and Politics. When not singing and procrastinating, you can find her running on Paint Branch or eating pizza. She loves dogs, Don Draper, and the Oxford comma- and has a disdain for haters. After graduating she hopes to work in public policy and live in DC, but if that doesn't work out, she can always live in her parents' basement.








Year: Sophomore                  Semesters in Trebs: 3

Major: Bioengineering

Farah is so happy she decided to audition for Trebs this fall and is super excited to be part of such a fun-loving, supportive, and talented group. During her spare time Farah loves to play tennis and piano, shop, eat sushi and ice cream, and sing along and jam out to some awesome bands on Pandora - the Passion Pit station has a special place in her heart. Most of all, she likes to sit back, relax, and laugh with her friends and family. She is absolutely ecstatic to be at UMD and can't wait to see where this semester and the next four years will take her. Yay Trebs!!! 





Year: Freshman                    Semesters in Trebs: 1

Major: Economics

Mia is so freaking siked to be part of the best group of ladies on campus. She has always loved to sing and perform, having performed in choir and a cappella groups in high school. Mia grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and went to Walt Whitman High School. When she's not singing with the Trebs, she enjoys listening to the Beatles, reading Harry Potter, playing volleyball, eating potato chips, staying up late, and biking around campus with improper footwear. Go trebs! 



Year: Freshman                    Semesters in Trebs: 1

Major:  Special Education

Rachel (aka DJ RC) is more than excited to be a Treb/NEWB! When Rachel isn't singing her little heart out in rehearsal, she's probably stalking her aca-sisters on Instagram, dreaming about her low-income (but super fun) future, bothering her roommate with constant guitar playing, crying over Gossip Girl, or running to class at least 15 minutes late!! Rachel can't wait to bring her Southern flair to the Treblemakers and keep fighting for Comfort Colors! GO TERPS and go Trebs!



Year: Junior                         Semesters in Trebs: 1

Major: Communications - PR Track

Gabriella is over-the-moon excited to be a new member in the sisterhood of Trebs! She knew Trebs was the group for her when the girls laughed at her love for the Amish, and accepted her oddly large head. When she’s not eagerly anticipating rehearsal you can find Gabi serenading herself in the shower, eating inordinate amounts of sushi or watching trash TV. Gabi can’t wait for semesters to come, singing with the “oldest and hottest” a capella group at UMD! 



Year: Freshman                    Semesters in Trebs: 1

Major:  Psychology

Tori found out about UMD Treb auditions the day before they happened, and it's a good thing she did. She knew from from the moment that the Trebs showed up at her dorm to serenade at 4 AM that it was meant to be! If she is not procrastinating or writing songs on her guitar, Tori can be found re-watching Moulin Rouge for the thousandth time, building pillow forts, or moshing to her favorite metalcore albums. Tori is a Freshman with Junior standing from Prince George's County, Maryland, and has hopes of one day being either a psychology professor, a music professor, or both. Fear the Treble!



Year: Freshman                     Semesters in Trebs: 1

Major: Broadcast Journalism 

Danielle is beyond ecstatic to be part of the Treblemaker fam! She credits her admission to the “oldest and hottest group” to her poor decision making and lack of judgment from pouring Lucky Charms straight outta the box in the mouth of a current Treb and not getting out of bed at 4:00 am when she got sang into the group. Coming off the mean streets of Framingham, Massachusetts, Danielle can’t wait to bring awkward dance moves and fantastic puns to the crew. When she isn’t singing, you can find Danielle watching Anchorman on repeat, craving Chipotle at all times, stalking her BFF/husband Andy Grammer, and using her super spy skills. PEACE LUV TREBS!!!


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